Over 50 years of experience in underground equipment
IHNBV offers a wide variety of products in mining and tunneling equipment

IHNBV is a family business established in 1966, and so has over fifty year’s experience in the mining and civil tunneling industry.

As a supplier of used mining equipment, IHNBV initially sold products to local Dutch, Belgian and German coal mining customers. The company then expanded its reach to customers all over the world and has become very successful in offering refurbished equipment in optimal condition at the right price.

Nowadays we have many clients and partners worldwide. We sell a full range of used, overhauled mining and tunneling equipment along with parts for machinery used both above and below ground surface.

As a result of our extensive network, we offer a broad product range of road headers from 25 tonnes up to 120 tonnes in optimal, restored condition.

Our commitment to our clients is:

  • to sell proven top-quality, fairly priced equipment and parts,
  • to meet clients specific needs
  • to deliver orders as efficiently as possible

We look forward to welcoming you as a business partner!

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